What to Expect

Thinking about joining our program? Find out what you can expect as a student at UIC.

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Scheduling Note: While Fall and Spring classes follow UIC’s undergraduate academic calendar, Summer courses and Clinical Education Experiences do NOT.


Fall and Spring classes follow UIC’s undergraduate academic calendar.

PT 600 Introduction to Physical Therapy 4 hours
PT 603 Gross Anatomy for Physical Therapy 5 hours
PT 605 Systems Physiology and Plasticity 6 hours
15 total hours


PT 604 Anatomy of the Central Nervous System, Head and Neck for Physical Therapy 4 hours
PT 617 Applied Kinesiology 4 hours
PT 618 Motor Control 2 hours
PT 625 Professional Development I 2 hours
PT 629 Science and Practice Seminar I 3 hours
PT 635 Cardiopulmonary Dysfunction 4 hours
19 total hours


Plan Ahead for Year 2:


While Fall and Spring classes follow UIC’s undergraduate academic calendar, Summer courses do NOT.

Summer Classes meet:  5/26- 7/17/20
Clinical Education Experience I:  7/20–7/31/20


PT 616 Biophysics 4 hours
PT 624 Therapeutic Applications 5 hours
PT 640 Clinical Education Experience I 2 hours
11 total hours


PT 626 Professional Development II 3 hours
PT 632 Musculoskeletal Dysfunction II 5 hours
PT 633 Neuromuscular Dysfunction I 5 hours
PT 636 Applied Pathophysiology 4 hours
PT 638 Integration and Assessment I 1 hour
Optional electives
18+ total hours


PT 620 Clinical Applications 1 hour
PT 622 Psychosocial Theory and Practice I 2 hours
PT 623 Psychosocial Theory and Practice II 3 hours
PT 631 Musculoskeletal Dysfunction I 5 hours
PT 634 Neuromuscular Dysfunction II 5 hours
PT 639 Integration and Assessment II 1 hour
Optional electives
17+ total hours

Prepare for Clinical Education Experiences in Year 3

You’ve completed foundational courses in year one, and are integrating and applying your knowledge in year two.

Here are some tips to prepare you for the 36 weeks of full-time clinical education experiences ahead:

  • Be flexible – While algorithms are used to optimize the match of student to site, be open to the possibility of a location or setting different than you hoped for. Every clinical site offers great learning opportunities.
  • Be ready – You may need to foot the bill for travel, transportation, or living expenses. Your site may require extra immunizations or background checks. Research the diagnoses of the patient population of your site.
  • Set your expectations and goals – You will discover the hectic pace of clinical PT practice. To get the most out of your experience, be clear about your current capabilities and areas you hope to grow.
  • Stay on the same page – Communication is the key to success!
  • Enjoy yourself!


Class of 2018

White coat ceremony

Just before the 12-week long clinical education experiences begin, students mark their transition from the classroom to the clinic. Time to wear white coats!


Clinical Education Experiences do NOT follow UIC’s undergraduate academic calendar.

“Capstone courses” (PT627, PT628, and PT630) begin in the Fall term and end in Spring following Clinical Education Experience IV.

Clinical Education Experience II:   5/20-8/9/2019; 5/18-8/7/2020
Clinical Education Experience III:  8/19-11/8/2019; 8/17-11/6/2020
Clinical Education Experience IV:  1/6-3/27/2020



PT 641 Clinical Education Experience II 12 hours
12 total hours


PT 642 Clinical Education Experience III 12 hours
12 total hours



PT 627 Professional Development III 2 hours
PT 628 Case Management in Physical Therapy Practice 3 hours
PT 630 Science in Practice Seminar II 1 hour
PT 643 Clinical Internship IV 12 hours
18 total hours

Options after Graduation: