BS in Rehabilitation Sciences

This is an undergraduate degree for those who are interested in a rehabilitation career such as occupational therapy, or in other post-baccalaureate studies or careers in healthcare management and healthcare finance, urban policy and planning, or public health. Graduates may also be interested in pursuing law degrees that may lead to specialization in healthcare and disability rights law and advocacy.

This program is a unique integration of the research and educational expertise of departments in the College of Applied Health Sciences: Biomedical and Health Information Sciences, Disability and Human Development, Kinesiology and Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. The integration of the offerings and talent from these programs allows the college of offer a high-quality, comprehensive rehabilitation undergraduate degree.

This social science focused interdisciplinary degree focuses on four core tenets: consumer-directed services, person-centered care, access to health and social services, and independent living.

This degree will prepare graduates for advanced training and education in rehabilitation health sciences and professional health programs. Graduates will also be ready to enter the rehabilitation and broader healthcare work force in entry level, pre-professional, and mid-management roles upon completion of the degree.

What is Rehabilitation Sciences?

The Institute for Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics describes rehabilitation sciences as "a program that focuses on human function, disability, and rehabilitation from the perspectives of the health sciences, social sciences, psychology, engineering, and related fields."

What We Offer

The diversity of expertise in the College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS) serves as the perfect environment to offer a unique interdisciplinary four year Bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation science. In many ways, this is an exciting opportunity for learning. This degree is housed in the College of Applied Health Sciences, and will take full advantage of the depth and breadth of each of the college departments to cover rehabilitation science as it relates to human functioning in health, disease and in disability in the current social, political, and physical environment including the healthcare environment. Interdisciplinary courses in rehabilitation sciences form the backbone of the degree. Some of the required and selective course work for this degree come from courses in the college’s other current bachelor’s degrees, minors and certificate programs. Additionally, course work from liberal arts and sciences add to the degree in areas such as psychology. The degree is designed to be flexible for the student to allow choice of electives for some individualized tailoring of the degree.