A message re. COVID-19 and research participants from Dean Bo Fernhall

In an effort to screen research participants who may come to campus or be interacted with in a community setting for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), we have adopted a telephone script and record log developed by UI Health. All potential and existing research participants should be screened prior to any in-person interaction using this script. Please repeat this screening process in-person when you interact with a research participant.

It is important that we collect information from research participants who screen positive for COVID-19 exposure. If a research participant does not screen positive but is not feeling well, their appointment should be canceled, and they should be instructed to call back 48 hours after their symptoms have fully resolved to reschedule.

Additional information on COVID-19 and research operations at UIC is available from the UIC Office for the Protection of Research Subjects and on UIC Today.

Please contact Mary Keehn at 312-413-2873 or mkeehn@uic.edu, or Shane Phillips at 312-355-0277 or shanep@uic.eu if you have any questions.

Bo Fernhall
Dean and Professor
UIC College of Applied Health Sciences