AHS faculty and staff receive HOPE Award from UIC Campus Housing

Campus Housing hosted its 8th annual Honoring Our Professors’ Excellence Reception on April 2 to recognize outstanding contributions of faculty members who have made a lasting impact on the lives of Campus Housing residents.

Fifty-three UIC faculty and staff were nominated by over 100 residents across 30 departments and 10 colleges. The AHS recipients were Alejandro Carrillo, Eileen Doran, Giamila Fantuzzi, Paul Hibbing, Tomar Kanan, Vered Arbel and Viviana Kabbabe-Thompson.

“Through their unwavering commitment to the craft of teaching, they not only impart wisdom but also ignite the ‘flames’ of curiosity and instill a thirst for lifelong learning,” said Kenvi Chaudhari, a fourth-year student and senior peer mentor for Campus Housing.

All nominees received a lapel pin, a certificate and an impact card with the text of nomination.

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