AHS researchers meet with delegation of disability advocates from Lebanon

The Partners of Refugees in Illinois Disability Employment (PRIDE) team was invited by WorldChicago to meet with a delegation of disability advocates from Lebanon on Thursday, Oct. 12. Delegates included two people with disabilities working to advocate for the social inclusion of people with disabilities in Lebanon, a physical therapist who works with people with disabilities, and a Lebanese government official working to address the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon.

PRIDE team members present: DHD clinical professor Rooshey Hasnain (PI), OT assistant professor Mansha Mirza (Co-PI), Kathryn Duke (project coordinator) and Daniela Miranda ( a visiting PhD student from Spain).

Discussion topics included:

  • Challenges associated with providing services to disabled refugees in the United States
  • The rationale for a specific program for refugees with disabilities (rather than just all refugees or all persons with disabilities)
  • Why this topic needs attention now more than before
  • How the needs of people in this population differ from those in other underserved disabled populations
  • Government services for people with disabilities, including refugees (e.g., vocational rehabilitation)
  • Funding sources for projects to support refugees with disabilities