AHS researchers present at ACSM Annual Meeting

A number of AHS researchers presented research posters at the 2018 ACSM Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. The research presented was representative of collaborations between AHS faculty, students and alumni.

Maria Enid Santiago-Rodriguez presented, “School Physical Environment and Children’s Physical Activity Self-Efficacy.”

Lundon Christopher Burton presented, “Cardiovascular Fitness, Body Composition, and ADHD Diagnosis among Youth: NHANES Data (2001-2004).”

Jared Donald Ramer presented, “Influence of PA on Classroom Behavior of Children with ADHD & DBD Using Classroom Observation.”

Jackie Guzman presented, “Physical Activity in Latina Caregivers of Children with Developmental Disabilities.”

Isabela Marques presented, “Physical Activity and Technology: Older Latinos’ Perceptions.”

Gui Balbim presented, “Impact of BAILAMOS© Dance Program on Self-reported Physical Activity in Older Latinos”

Garett Griffith presented, “Cardiometabolic Prediction Equations Overestimate Cardiorespiratory Fitness for Treadmill and Cycle Ergometry in Multiple Sclerosis Patients.”

Brooks Hibner presented, “Physical Activity is Associated with Walking Capacity in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis.”

Georgios Grigoriadis presented, “No Sex Differences in Arterial Stiffness and Hemodynamics Response to Resistance Exercise in Older Individuals.”

Amanda Sardeli presented, “Cardiovascular Responses to Different Resistance Exercise Intensities in Young and Older Adults.”

Thessa Hilgenkamp presented, “Cardiopulmonary Profile of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities During Maximal Exercise.”

Kanokwan Bunsawat presented, “Cardiac Autonomic Modulation Following Acute Aerobic Exercise in Young Obese Adults.”

Elizabeth Schroeder presented, “Body Mass Index Does Not Influence the Endothelial Response to Acute Inflammation.”