AHSB access: swipe card access only

Due to the recent thefts in AHSB entry to the building will be swipe card access only. You will need to have your UIC i-card to enter the building during normal business hours. We expect this to take effect Monday, June 5. AHSB will continue to be swipe card access during non-business hours and weekends.

Researchers are encouraged to let their research subjects know they can gain entry to the building using the intercom system located at the front entrance of AHSB. The intercom app will allow dean’s office staff to grant entry to research subjects and delivery drivers. Signs will be posted at the front entrance of AHSB to use the intercom.

Please do not hesitate to contact the UIC Police if you see anyone suspicious in any of our buildings. UIC Police Emergency: 312 355-5555 and non-emergency 312 996-2830.  As an added precaution please do not hold the doors open for anyone you do not recognize.

UIC Police have informed us they have increased patrols in and around the building during both the day and evening.

Please let me know if you have any questions.