AI offerings on campus

Artificial intelligence is quickly transforming the computing landscape and already has impacted, or will impact, the way each of us uses technology. While we at Technology Solutions are always cautious to ensure acceptable use of all new technology from a security, accessibility and fiscal perspective, we want to share and encourage use of currently supported AI offerings to the campus. As with all emerging technologies, AI changes constantly. Today, it is a tool that can augment and support many of your workflows, but we encourage you to use it with caution and validate all its outputs. UIC does not control or see any of the specific AI-generated content, and can’t prevent bias or guarantee accuracy. If you encounter significant unexpected or problematic AI content output, please share your experience with

As always, our focus on enhancing teaching and learning, fostering groundbreaking research endeavors and driving innovation in business applications guides this lineup of AI tools for your benefit. For the most up-to-date information, visit our webpage dedicated to AI offerings.

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