Ashley Hughes receives Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality funding to examine primary care quality

BHIS assistant professor Ashley Hughes is a co-investigator on a new $1,580,000 grant funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The project, “The Impact of Team Configuration and Familiarity on Primary Care Quality” performs a large scale examination of primary care teams across the Veteran’s Health Affairs (VHA).

Namely, the project will examine factors of team science, teamwork, and gaps in the VHA’s adoption of the Patient Centered Medical Home Model (PCMH; a team-based approach to outpatient care).  Project work is the result of collaborative and multidisciplinary efforts from investigators at Baylor College of Medicine and Veteran’s Health Affairs (PI: Sylvia J. Hysong, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine).

Unlocking the science of what makes healthcare teams effective is at the center of Ashley Hughes’s work. In this collaborative and multidisciplinary project, Ashley will contribute her expertise to form evidence-based recommendations on ideal structure and development of primary care teams, including selection of appropriate care quality metrics.