BVIS students publish over 20 journal cover illustrations

A composite image comprised of 18 issues of the American Journal of Bioethics that feature illustrations by BVIS students on the cover.
Images compiled by Isabel Romero Calvo; Artwork by BVIS students (see article for details)

Since 2018, as part of an ongoing collaboration, BVIS students have had over 20 illustrations published on the cover of the American Journal of Bioethics. We’d like to thank the journal for being such an outstanding partner in working with our students. More information about the journal is available on their website and Twitter profile.

Copyright for the above images is retained by each corresponding student (beginning in the top left):

  • Cover art (not shown), July 2021: Sydney Agger
  • Cover art (not shown), October 2020: Katie Harvey
  • Cover art (not shown), July 2020: Sam Palahnuk
  • Cover art, March 2020: Rachel Poli
  • Cover art, February 2020: Dani Robinson
  • Cover art, January 2020: Saraina Adam
  • Cover art, July 2019: Sarah Quattrocki
  • Cover art, June 2019: Danielle Robinson
  • Cover art, May 2019: Edith March
  • Cover art, March 2019: Sarah Quattrocki
  • Cover art, February 2019: Lisa Revette
  • Cover art, January 2019: Isabel Romero Calvo
  • Cover art, December 2018: Shariwa Oke
  • Cover art, November 2018: Edith March
  • Cover art, September 2018: Norman Luo
  • Cover art, August 2018: Sarah Quattrocki
  • Cover art, May 2018: Katie Greenhill
  • Cover art, April 2018: Natalie Yoshioka
  • Cover art, March 2018: Eleanor Milman
  • Cover art, February 2018: Kate Zumach
  • Cover art, January 2018: Elizabeth Moss