BVIS students win 2020 Vesalius Trust Research Grants

The following second-year BVIS students received a 2020 Vesalius Trust Research Grant:

Brianna Monroe
Educating Communities of Lagos, Nigeria About Mental Health to Reduce Stigma Through Storytelling Visuals  

Kelly Nguyen
Using Emotional Design to Develop a Learner-Centered Interactive Tool to Teach the Autonomic Nervous System

Ushma Patel
Designing a User-Centered Interactive E-learning Tool To Effectively Teach the Autonomic Nervous System to Healthcare Professional Students

Danielle Robinson
Creation of a Web-based Interactive Dissection Aid to Increase Anatomical Literacy

Victoria Zakrzewski
Creating Effective Illustrations to Guide Students through a Dissection on the Soft-Embalmed Cadaver  

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all BVIS students who submitted Vesalius Trust Research Grant applications this year. I would also like to offer my sincere thank you to all research committee members and BVIS/BHIS faculty for their contributions to the research efforts.

Again congratulations to the winners.  We all share in celebrating your good news!