Call for Submissions to ASPIRE Lab Fall 2023

Call for Submissions to ASPIRE Lab Fall 2023 

The mission of the Applied Sports Psychology and Injury Research and Education Lab (ASPIRE) is to create valuable learning experiences, produce interdisciplinary research, and deliver education to improve client outcomes. ASPIRE offers students enrolled in our bachelor’s and master’s in kinesiology programs that aim to enter any health, wellness, and/or fitness-related field with hands-on learning research, education, and resource development.

Theme: Sports Injury and Suicide

Review a peer-reviewed published article related to sports injury and suicide. Articles should have been published between December 2022 and December 2023. Submissions should not exceed 400 total words, and no less than 375 words excluding title, paper title, publication, and publication date. The font for the headings should be Helvetica and the font for the body should be Roboto. Authors should provide a current headshot, a 75-word bio, and contact details.

Submission Due: Friday, December 1st, 2023 at 12 pm. 

For submission questions, contact Krissel Quinones-Estrada (Bulletin Editor)

Article & Submission Guidelines

  • Articles should be approximately 375-400 words.
  • Please also include a title for your article.
  • To submit, e-mail your article to Krissel Quinones-Estrada (Bulletin editor) to
  • Please also include a title for your article.
  • Include “ASPIRE Lab Sports Injury & Suicide Submission” in the subject line of your submission e-mail.
  • Include your first name, last name, and a contact e-mail address in the body of your message. Your name (but not your e-mail) will appear in the newsletter (unless you ask to be anonymous).
  • Include the citation of the peer-reviewed article your submission summarized in the body of your message. 
  • We will work with you via e-mail to edit and proof your submission prior to publication.
  • Articles should be sent as an attachment, in either Word (.doc or .docx), Please do not send in .pdf format.
  • Related pictures are highly encouraged to be submitted along with your article.
  • Images must fall into one of these categories: [1] your own work—i.e. you took the photograph; [2] freely licensed; [3] public domain; [4] fair use. (E-mail with any questions.)
  • Attach images to the same e-mail as your article submission.
  • Include a short (1-sentence) caption of each image.

Link to Spring 2023 ASPIRE Lab Bulletin 

Theme: Sports-Related Concussions