Certificate in Disability Ethics

Do more with a Certificate in Disability Ethics at UIC

The NEW Campus Certificate in Disability Ethics prepares students to examine critically and respond to contemporary debates regarding issues such as assisted suicide, genetic screening, and treatment withdrawal. Disability ethics is an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing and reaching decisions about ethical dilemmas related to life with disability or chronic illness. It addresses many of the same issues covered in bioethics, but expands its focus beyond medical problems to include legal, policy, and social justice issues that affect daily living for people with disabilities.


This certificate is a cluster of four 3-credit hour courses for a minimum of 12 total hours, designed to develop independent scholarship and critical thinking. It may be taken entirely online or through a combination of online and on campus courses. Most students complete all the required courses in two to four semesters.



DHD 401: Foundations of Disability and Human Development, 3 hours

DHD 514: Ethical Issues in Disability, 3 hours

DHD 517: Ethics and Disability: Contemporary Problems, 3 hours

Independent study (DHD 596) or Elective, 3 hours – Develop a paper, research project, or other activity that allows you to apply what you have learned in previous courses to critically address a current issue in disability ethics


With a certificate in disability ethics, you will demonstrate specialized knowledge in a rapidly expanding area of scholarship and practice. You will advance your ability to think deeply and communicate effectively about society’s ethical responsibilities toward underrepresented communities and will be better prepared for professional responsibilities involving ethical decision-making in the context of disability and long-term medical conditions.


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Department of Disability and Human Development

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Website: http://ahs.uic.edu/disability-human-development/admissions-and-programs/disability-ethics-certificate/