Draft of AHS Community Program Inventory released

The purpose of this report is to visualize and synthesize community programs submitted to the UI-CAN Survey of Community Initiatives and Programs (SCIP) as of March 2020. This first report iteration is intended for internal UIC audiences.  As of March 2020, the College of Applied Health Sciences has submitted 20 programs. And, we know that there are more community programs among us! Below, please find more information about how to submit your program. And, stay tuned for future communications. The UI-CAN team is also working on a digital directory of programs and initiatives across the Health Science Colleges that will be released later this Spring.

Call to action
1. Submit your program
2. Update your program by May 15, 2020. You will receive an email from REDCap with a unique link to update content within 48 hours.

Additional feedback or questions? Please contact Jenni Schneiderman, Director of the Office of the Community Health Needs Assessment at jschne33@uic.edu.

The Survey of Community Initiatives and Programs (SCIP) was created as part of the 2019 UI Community Assessment of Needs (2019 UI-CAN) to identify current initiatives and programs that address the three priorities identified by the community. These include addressing the social and structural determinants of health, access to care, and the management of chronic diseases. Below is a summary of the ask related to the UI Health Community Assessment of Needs (UI-CAN) Survey of Community Initiatives and Programs (SCIP) through FAQs.

Where can I learn more about the UI-CAN report and implementation plan?
Read about the 2019 findings and implementation plan here. An initial inventory of initiatives and programs is enclosed in the report.

Where do I fill out the survey?
Please fill out the Survey of Community Initiatives and Programs (SCIP) here.

Who should fill it out?
Any faculty or staff who is affiliated with a program, as defined below. OCHNA staff will clean data and sort through duplicates.

Why are we collecting community initiatives and programs?
The inventory will help the healthcare and university system begin to better appreciate the breadth and depth of community initiatives and programs. With a landscape view, we will be able facilitate connections, better coordinate efforts, and move the needle on service impact.

What do we mean by “community initiative and program”?
We aim to capture community engagement initiatives and programs that may include funded research, professional training, and service outreach activities.