Eric Swirsky and Ann Jackson co-author ethics casebook; cover art and illustrations by Anne Hughes (BVIS Class of 2022)

Professors Eric Swirsky (Biomedical and Health Information Sciences) and Ann Jackson (Rehabilitation Sciences) have co-authored a casebook in clinical healthcare ethics for learners across the professions.  Cover art and illustrations for the book were created in collaboration with Anne Hughes, a 2022 graduate of the Biomedical Visualization MS program.

In clinical environments, all decisions are ethical decisions in that they reflect and impact the values of patients, professionals, and families interacting in the healthcare system.  Ethical Decisions in Healthcare: Patients, Families, and Professionals is a casebook that offers real-life clinical ethics cases followed by expert commentary written by Professors Swirsky and Jackson and a number of invited authors to offer diverse perspectives across professional and patient narrative.  By engaging in applied ethics discourse, learners employ an ethical decision-making framework to assess ethical issues, reflect upon biases, gather facts, analyze stakeholder needs and values, consider options, and develop justified responses.  Through this process, learners develop their decision-making skills as moral agents.

Swirsky, ES & Jackson, AW. (2022). Ethical Decisions in Healthcare: Patients, Families, and Professionals. Dubuque: Kendall Hunt Publishing: pp. 130.