Flyers about eating and drinking indoors during COVID-19

We have developed a flyer to discourage students from eating and drinking while in class that you may post in your classrooms. The updated academic guidance sent today states that eating and drinking are not allowed in classrooms.

Recognizing that students and some staff will need to eat in our buildings while on campus, we developed a flyer to promote safer eating practices in indoor public spaces.

During yesterday’s DDDH town hall, Dr. Bleasdale noted that eating and drinking could take place indoors if students and others maintained 6-feet distancing while their masks were off. You may post this flyer in your breakrooms and anywhere students and staff eat in public areas. This flyer will also be posted in the 1st floor vending area, 1st floor lounge area and 5th floor lounge of AHSB to promote safer eating practices.

Flyer for classrooms
Flyer for public spaces