Inclusive research team Lieke van Heumen and Courtney Krueger travel to the Netherlands

Inclusive research team Lieke van Heumen and Courtney Krueger, Special Olympics athlete and Health Messenger,  traveled to the Netherlands this week for a number of speaking engagements. First, they provided a lecture titled ‘Advancing Inclusive Disability Policy: Lessons from Advocacy and Inclusive Research in Disability Studies ‘ at the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights in Utrecht. They then provided a lecture titled ‘(Intellectual) Disability Culture: Implications for Disability Studies’ at the University of Amsterdam in an elective course on Disability Studies. Additionally, they met with self-advocacy group of Stichting Cello, a local organization supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Finally, they were speakers at a roundtable conversation on self-advocacy in/and inclusive research hosted by Professor Alice Schippers from Disability Studies in the Netherlands and the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. Lieke and Courtney’s work is supported by Award Number NU27DD000021, funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Golisano Foundation, and the European Union Center through support from the US Department of Education’s Title VI NRC Program.