Request for letters of intent: NIH KL2 Clinical and Translational Science (CATS) Scholars Program

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) invites prospective candidates to submit a letter of intent to apply for the 2018-2020 Clinical and Translational Science (CATS) Scholars Awards. Letters of intent, which are required, must be submitted by February 1, 2018. All applicants who have submitted a letter of intent will be eligible to submit a full application, and no applications will be accepted from those who have not submitted a letter of intent. The site for submission of full applications will open no later than January 23, 2018, with an application deadline of March 12, 2018. These two year awards provide a vigorous mentoring and career development program for clinical and translational scholars in disciplines and professions such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, psychology, pharmacy, and physical & occupational therapy.

The CATS Scholars Program is intended to accelerate career progression of scientists who have demonstrated a commitment to clinical and/or translational research. Ideal candidates are tenure track, junior faculty who will have completed the majority of their formal research training and now require protected time to develop a specific research project that will lead to an external funding.

Benefits of the Program:
• 75% release time for research and career development, which will be funded by the CATS Program up to $100,000 (the home department/unit must commit to this release time in writing at the time of application).
• Funds to support scholarly activities. Scholars will receive $25,000 annually to support their scholarly activities, as well as $2,500/year for research related travel.
• Individualized career planning and formalized annual review of progress
• Monthly career development workshops and activities
• Peer review of grants and external presentations
• Committed mentoring from senior faculty
• Access to subsidized CCTS core services (requires submission of an application/proposal for approval)
• Additional funds for external enrichment activities to support career development goals

All prospective applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent by February 1, 2018. The Letter of Intent, which is less than one page, is designed to provide a brief summary of the candidate and their proposed research. Please follow this link to complete the required Letter of Intent by February 1, 2018.

The full application site will open no later than January 23, 2018. Please look for announcements and continue to check the CCTS website for updates and more information about the application process. Completed applications must be submitted by March 12, 2018.

Questions? Contact Jaclyn Jackson at 312-413-5429 or