Restore Illinois Plan phase 4 UIC campus operations

Thank you for your continued work on behalf of the university, our students and all the others we serve.

Due to compliance with recommended public health guidance, the people of Illinois and Chicago have turned a major corner in the effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. UIC’s move to phase 4 will start to be phased in beginning July 6. During phase 4, employees that can work productively from home should continue to work remotely. While in phase 3, the only employees authorized to be working on campus are researchers with approved Bio-Raft plans.

Requests for working on-site during phase 4 (for other than for approved researchers or their research staff) will only be granted for compelling reasons, i.e., their work cannot be done productively remotely. Requests must be approved by department heads and the associate dean for administration, Jon Santanni.

We are in the process of developing building plans for DHSP, CMET and PEB. The building plan for AHSB has been approved. For anyone, other than approved researchers or the approved researchers’ staff, to enter our buildings should seek prior approval from their department head and the associate dean for administration.

Requirements for entering AHSB

Anyone entering AHSB must complete an online wellness check at not more than one hour before entering the building. The online wellness check requires submitting your temperature in the app. This needs to be done once a day for anyone entering AHSB. Anyone not completing the wellness check before entering the building will be prompted to complete the check. Anyone failing the wellness check should not enter building. Anyone failing the check or failing to complete the check will be asked to leave the building. Repeated failures to complete the check will result in loss of building access privileges. These measures have been put in place to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Similar procedures will be put in effect at DHSP, CMET and PEB.

Please read VC Coronado’s message regarding the transition to phase 4.