Six BVIS students selected for 2018 Vesalius Trust Research Scholarships

The following second-year BVIS students received 2018 Vesalius Trust Research Scholarships:

Natalie Yoshioka, Vesalian Scholar
Angela Gao, Research Grant
Nova Hayes, Research Grant
Suzanne Hayes, Research Grant
Liza Knipscher, Research Grant
Stephanie O’Neil, Research Grant

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all BVIS students who submitted Vesalius Trust research scholarship applications this year.  We hope all of you will participate in the poster sessions this summer at the AMI Annual Meeting in Newton, MA.  I would also like to offer my sincere thank you to all research committee members and BVIS/BHIS faculty for their contributions to the research efforts.

Again congratulations to the winners!  BVIS received more research awards than any other graduate program, and this is quite an honor.  We all share in celebrating your good news!