Spyros Kitsiou PI of new $500,000 NIH research grant

BHIS assistant professor Spyros Kitsiou is the recipient of a two-year $500,000 award from the National Institute of Nursing Research for his grant titled “An innovative mobile health technology intervention to improve self-care in patients with heart failure.”

This new study will use a randomized controlled trial design to determine the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary efficacy of a patient-centered intervention that promotes adherence to heart failure (HF) self-care through the use of (1) a mobile health app that interfaces with multiple connected health devices and wearable sensors (e.g. Fitbit), and comprises a number of self-monitoring, patient education, and adherence reminder tools for improving self-care; and (2) individually tailored text-messages targeting health beliefs, self-care efficacy, and HF-knowledge. This study represents an important step in identifying an affordable and scalable mHealth intervention that has the potential to bring about a new paradigm in self-care management of chronic heart failure.