Team Leave it to BVIS wins 2023 Vesalius Trust-a-Thon

I’m thrilled to give a huge congratulations to all of our students who competed in this year’s Vesalius Trust-a-Thon! We had students participating among three teams, leading to three truly impressive projects created over the short span of two weeks.

I’m happy to give particular congrats to Team Leave it to BVIS, who won this year’s competition! This marks the third year in a row that a BVIS team has won the grand prize. We’re so proud of you for such impressive teamwork!

Find more details on each team and project below:

Team Leave it to BVIS (Riley Cutler, Hayley D’Alessandro, Krystal-Flora Dureke, Susie Hammons, Katherine Khuu, Natalie McAfee, and Jasmine Tsin)
Neurohero: A Journey to Regeneration (playable 2D game)

Team Render Engines (Clara Baumgarten, Shanling Lei, Alex Kontos, Keaton Mullins, Kassie Baker, Khorizon Dunn, Michelle Soltys, Vivian Zhuan)
Helping Hyphae (animated comic)

Team Last 7 Brain Cells (Alexandra McDonough, Nolan Pakizer, Sara Lung, Helen Thio, Raisa RodrĂ­guez, Lauren Kawamura, Leah Balsan)
Captain GAP: Station Master (playable 2D game)