Thefts in AHSB and DHSP

Dear AHS Community:

I am writing to inform you of a series of thefts that have occurred recently in the AHSB and DHSP buildings. Keys, research subject cash, and research subject gift cards, in addition to personal cash and some small portable equipment of faculty and staff have been stolen. The majority of thefts are not always by forced entry into the buildings, but, in one instance, an exterior window has been broken. Vandalism of building furniture and facilities has occurred in order to get to these items. Even a locked safe has been stolen from a lab.

The safety of all of our AHS community is imperative. Beginning immediately, the UIC Police and the AHS Dean’s Office are advising that everyone who is in possession of keys, research subject cash, and research subject gift cards please carry your keys – Do not lock them inside your desk or leave them anywhere in your office or lab. Please remove any cash and gift cards from the buildings and carry them with you at all times. Do not leave any portable equipment (tablets, cameras, laptops) or personal possessions or valuables inside your offices, even if your office is locked.  Please keep these items with you and in a secured location outside of these buildings. If you are unsure of where to keep these items, please contact me off list.

The College is currently collaborating with UIC Police and upper administration to address these thefts. We will keep you informed as additional plans develop.


Renee Taylor