UIC Integrative Physiology Lab research team members, former and present, publish several papers

UIC Integrative Physiology Laboratory research team members, former and present, publish several papers:

Effect of live-fire training on ventricular-vascular coupling by Hibner BA, Lefferts EC, Yan H, Horn GP, Smith DL, Rowland T, Fernhall B.

Oral vitamin C restores endothelial function during acute inflammation in young and older adults by Lefferts EC, Hibner BA, Lefferts WK, Lima NS, Baynard T, Haus JM, Lane-Cordova AD, Phillips SA, Fernhall B.

Impact of acute changes in blood pressure and arterial stiffness on cerebral pulsatile haemodynamics in young and middle-aged adults by Lefferts WK, Lefferts EC, Hibner BA, Smith KJ, Fernhall B.

Firefighter hemodynamic responses to different fire training environments by Lefferts EC, Rosenberg AJ, Grigoriadis G, Wee SO, Kerber S, Fent KW, Horn GP, Smith DL, Fernhall B.

Hemodynamic Response to Isometric Handgrip Exercise in Adults with Intellectual Disability.
Sherman SR, Schroeder EC, Baynard T, Fernhall B, Hilgenkamp T.