Welcome OT 2021 Bridge to the Faculty postdoctoral scholar: Sabrin Rizk

Sabrin Rizk

Sabrin Rizk received her Ph.D. in Health Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her area of interest is in health services research using population-based data to examine coordinated systems of care for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Her topical research interest is in the relationship between the American Academy of Pediatrics medical home primary care model and educational services through early intervention and school services in public schools to improve access to these services for children with ASD. Sabrin’s doctoral work examined the association between inadequate medical home care and the likelihood of children receiving services under special education or early intervention plans using the 2016/2017 National Survey of Children’s Health.

Sabrin is an occupational therapist by training and worked in public schools in Wisconsin serving students with various disabilities and their families. Sabrin has also received special training in maternal and child health. Her maternal and child health training has enhanced her ability to work effectively with children and families, value coordinated care, and network with other maternal and child health professionals at the national level.

Sabrin’s research aims to inform health and educational policies and practices with attention to sociodemographic factors that affect coordinated care and pose barriers to educational services access for children and their families. Sabrin also hopes to serve as a strong product pipeline for future, underrepresented scholars in occupational therapy teaching and research.

The Bridge to the Faculty is a recruitment program of the UIC Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity designed to attract underrepresented postdoctoral scholars with the goal of a direct transition to a tenure-track junior faculty position after two years.