Whitney Harris wins Provost’s Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award

A 2022 Provost’s Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award was awarded to AHS kinesiology advisor Whitney Harris. The award was established to “acknowledge excellence, commitment, and dedication of professional advisors of undergraduate students at UIC.”

One of her student nominations read, “This semester was personally rough, and Whitney was a blinding light in my tunnel of darkness. I’m extremely appreciative of her and all the help she’s given me since meeting her.”

These past years have been complex and Whitney’s dedication in both pre-pandemic times and these unique times is one noticed by her students, her department, the college and so we were thrilled to see her be recognized by the university for her effort. With over 120 professional academic advisors on campus, this is a competitive award and speaks to the commitment and character of Whitney.

Please help us in congratulating Whitney Harris for being this year’s winner in advising excellence.