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40 Years EST. 1979

40 Years of Transforming Health Care Practice and Social Systems

On January 1 during the new year’s blizzard of 1979, AHS was established. Though our degree programs, people – and even our college’s name – have evolved, we were, are and always will be educators, discoverers, collaborators and advocates.

Learn how we’re creating a world in which every person can live a healthy and self-determined life.

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  • Tina Esposito

    Tina Esposito '97 BS HIM

    Listed among the "Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT," Tina advances technology to enhance patient-focused care

  • Luca Badetti

    Luca Badetti '15 PHD DIS

    In his life and work, Luca compels us to embrace our inabilities, becoming more complete and connected human beings

  • Brian Taliesin

    Brian Taliesin '13 MS HI

    Brian unites people, technology and data to make life-saving vaccines more available to the children of sub-Saharan Africa

  • Vanessa Ruiz

    Vanessa Ruiz '10 MS BVIS

    In her online gallery Street Anatomy, Vanessa explores the intersection between medical illustration and contemporary art in public spaces

  • Mike Gapski

    Mike Gapski '82 BS KINES

    As head athletic trainer for the Chicago Blackhawks, Mike helps the three-time Stanley Cup winning hockey team perform at its peak

  • Eric Meredith

    Eric Meredith '12 MS NUT

    Using his knowledge of nutrition, exercise and education, Eric creates comics that encourage children to eat right, stay fit and get healthy

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