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We know UIC students are busy—between academics, work and extracurriculars, it can feel like there’s not enough time in the day.  We try to provide as much advising support online as possible to work around your busy schedule.

If you have questions about where to go for advising support, please contact Student Affairs for help.

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Current students may make an appointment with their department advisor through through the following links.

Intercollege transfers

As a UIC student, you may find yourself interested in changing your major. Each of our majors have slightly different timelines and requirements for transferring. Learn more about each of our majors and how to apply.


Are you interested in any of our minors? Find out more about the minor that most grabs your interest. Once your minor is complete, fill out the certification of minor form.


Looking for your program’s advising contact? Start here.

AHS-undeclaredTia Barr
Laura Birckhead
Michele Santana
Biomedical visualizationJohn DaughertyWhat to expect
Disability and human developmentMaitha Abogado
Maris Fujiura
Program info
Health informaticsEnrollment advisorsWhat to expect
Health information managementKaren PatenaWhat to expect
Kinesiology—BSKerri Collado
Rachel Najdzin
Whitney Harris
Program info
Nutrition—coordinated programCarol BraunschweigWhat to expect
Nutrition—nutrition scienceKirsten StraughanWhat to expect
Occupational therapy—MSMaria LarsonWhat to expect
Occupational therapy—OTDMarjani JonesWhat to expect
Physical therapy—DPTMollie RoseWhat to expect
Rehabilitation sciences—BSMichele Santana
Tia Barr
Program info
Rehabilitation sciences—MSMollie RoseWhat to expect
Rehabilitation sciences—PhDJoelle Livermore LantzWhat to expect