Social Media

  • #UIC – all things UIC
  • #UICAHS – all things UIC College of Applied Health Sciences
  • #iamUICAHS – show your AHS pride and how you exemplify the AHS spirit, wherever you are in the world
  • #AHSinthenews – point out AHS’ers featured in the media
  • #AHSresearch – share or comment on research happening in the college
  • #AHSgivesback – share how you actively give back to your neighborhood or community as an AHS’er
  • #isupportAHS – share your reasons for volunteering at or donating to AHS
  • #myAHSnetwork – display the power of the AHS community by connecting AHS’ers to people, opportunities and resources

Departments and programs

  • #UICBHIS – sharing about the Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences
  • #UICBVIS – sharing about the Program in Biomedical Visualization
  • #UICDHD – sharing about the Department of Disability and Human Development
  • #UICHI – sharing about the programs in health informatics
  • #UICHIM – sharing about the programs in health information management
  • #UICKN – sharing about the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition
  • #UICkines – sharing about the programs in kinesiology
  • #UICnutrition – sharing about the programs in nutrition
  • #UICOT – sharing about the Department of Occupational Therapy
  • #UICPT – sharing about the Department of Physical Therapy
  • #UICrehabsci – sharing about the programs in rehabilitation sciences
  • #AHSacademy – sharing about the Health and Diversity Academy
  • #AHSASAP – sharing about the Academic Support and Achievement Program
  • #AHSabroad – posts from our students studying abroad
  • #UICPTFacPrac – UIC PT Faculty Practice


  • #AHSgrad2018 – Commencement 2018
  • #AHSmingles – alumni networking and social events
  • #learningatAHS – AHS-sponsored lectures, seminars, workshops, continuing education offerings
  • #AHSgraduates – AHS GRADUATES
  • #AHScelebrates – AHS CELEBRATES

Student life

  • #SNAUIC – Student Nutrition Association at UIC
  • #AHSSC – AHS Student Council
  • #UICKinesClub – UIC Kinesiology Club