Beyond the Classroom

After you enroll, you won't just learn from books—you'll learn from life

An AHS education means more than just lectures and lab time. Our students are active in the community and in their fields, creating opportunities and forming relationships that shape their future. We believe that you’re always learning, no matter where you are.

From research to community engagement to student groups and events, whatever your interests are, you’ll find support to make your time here what you want it to be.

Our students in action

  • A group of AHS student volunteers stand for group picture

    Transfer training at the Chinese American Service League

    AHS student volunteers conduct training workshops for more than 300 home healthcare aides

  • Five students place their arms around one another while looking toward a mountain valley

    Learning around the globe

    Make the world your campus, participate in our study abroad program

  • Alejandra Cordova, right, an Altus Academy parent, gives feedback to a student team that includes Gina Mulanthara OT, and Angeli Mata DPT.

    Learning to innovate, collborate under pressure

    The Health Tech Jam brought together AHS students and issued a challenge: develop a technological solution to a common health care problem — and do it in just six hours

Content Section

A diverse group of students hanging out around a table, viewed from above

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