AHS undergraduate students: Prepare for a successful transition to e-learning

The UIC Academic Support and Achievement Program (ASAP) is excited to share new tutoring offerings and resources to help you in your transition to e-learning. Here you’ll find our spring virtual tutoring schedule, virtual review session schedule to help get you back to-speed before classes resume, and two e-learning handouts that we hope you’ll find useful during the transition.

ASAP tutor-led review sessions

Feeling nervous about e-learning? Prepare for the start of classes by participating in a tutor-led review session. Check out as many of our tutor-led review sessions before classes begin next week.

In addition to serving as course content refreshers, tutor-led sessions provide you with an opportunity to familiarize yourself with Blackboard Collaborate. Get a head start on navigating the same platform many of your professors will be using!

ASAP tutoring

All ASAP tutoring offerings will be offered virtually for the remainder of the semester. Check out our updated tutor schedule at: go.uic.edu/ASAPtutorschedule. Below are the courses available for virtual “drop-ins.”

KN 200
KN 252
KN 261
KN 352
KN 372
KN 472
CHEM 232

Tutoring for other courses may be made available by request. Submit your tutoring request at: go.uic.edu/ASAPtutorrequest. Please note, if you had an existing private appointment before spring break, you must resubmit your request.

E-learning handouts

We hope these resources support our efforts to help keep the ASAP community healthy and safe, while continuing to prioritize your education and academic goals.

If you have any questions regarding our updated ASAP format, or just want guidance on how to manage the shift to e-learning, please don’t hesitate to contact our graduate assistant for student learning, Allison Anderson at aander76@uic.edu or anyone of our team.

Viviana Kabbabe-Thompson