Announcing Christine Young’s retirement

Dear AHS students, faculty and staff,

Christine Young joined the Program in Biomedical Visualization as clinical assistant professor in 1998.  Recently, Christine announced her plan to retire in August 2021.  A tireless worker, an effective communicator, an influential visionary, an exemplary advisor and a passionate educator, Christine has helped foster an environment of support and success for all of our students.  For these contributions and many more, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for her vision, leadership and outstanding teaching.

For the past 23 years, our students have benefited enormously from her extensive knowledge and the creation of a resource rich environment.  She has taught classes that include Medical and Surgical Illustration, Visual Learning and Visual Thinking, Medical Legal Visualization, Animation, Colloquium in Science Communication, Storytelling in Biomedical Science, Business Practices, Independent Study and Project Research.

Honors and awards have included Awards of Excellence (8), Rx Club Show; Outstanding Service Award, Association of Medical Illustrators 1993; Muriel McLatchie Miller Fine Art Award, Association of Medical Illustrators 2012; Elected Artisan Membership, International Guild of Miniature Artisans 2014; Lifetime Achievement Award, Association of Medical Illustrators 2016; Excalibur Award for Teaching Excellence, UIC College of Applied Health Sciences 2017; and the Literary Award, Association of Medical Illustrators 2017 & 2019.  Several more, yet to be announced awards for teaching are forthcoming in 2021.

In her role as advisor and mentor, the list of adjectives used by students to describe Christine are typically “genuine, understanding, encouraging, dedicated, supportive, helpful and caring.”

We are immensely grateful for her commitment to excellence in education for more than two decades.  She has been an inspiration to our students, our faculty, and certainly to me.

Please join me in congratulating Christine Young in her well-earned retirement.

John Daugherty