Krista Varady leading author of new study that compares effectiveness of intermittent fasting and counting calories for weight loss

Krista Varady is the leading author of “Time-Restricted Eating Without Calorie Counting for Weight Loss in a Racially Diverse Population” published in Annals of Internal Medicine. The paper has received significant media attention including NPR and the Los Angeles Times. The study finds that time-restricted eating is more effective in producing weight loss when compared with control but not more effective than calorie restriction in a racially diverse population.

Co-authors include the following AHS students and faculty: Shuhao Lin, Sofia Cienfuegos, Mark Ezpeleta, Kelsey Gabel, Vasiliki Pavlou, Andrea Mulas, Kaitie Chakos, Mara McStay, Jackie Wu and Lisa Tussing-Humphreys.