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Lisa Tussing-Humphreys

Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Nutrition

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The Tussing-Humphreys lab applies epidemiological, clinical, social, behavioral, and molecular tools and assessments to understand complex diet-disease relationships. Studies include understanding the effect of maternal obesity on maternal and neonatal iron metabolism as well as studies examining interactions between diet, body weight, and colorectal cancer risk and the biological, microbial, and socio-environmental mechanisms underlying these relationships.

Selected Grants

NIH/NCI, Diet Modulation of Bacterial Sulfur and Bile Metabolism and Colon Cancer Risk, MPI

NIH/NIMHD, The Influence of Structural Violence and Individual Behavior and Health on the Gut Microbiome and Colorectal Cancer Risk, MPI

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Service to the Community

Ambassador, American Cancer Society of Illinois

Leadership in the Profession

University of Illinois Cancer Center, Co-leader, Cancer Prevention and Control


B.S., Clinical Dietetics, SUNY-College at Buffalo, 2000
M.S., Nutritional Sciences, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2002
Ph.D., Human Nutrition, The University of Illinois at Chicago, 2009