Miriam Isola stepping down as health informatics program director

Miriam Isola has decided to step down from her role as health informatics program director.  She has been in that role for eight years with responsibilities in strategic planning and delivery of programs and daily operations.  UIC has one of the largest HI programs, with approximately 300 students and admissions that occur three time per year and more than 1,400 graduates.  The HI programs have had number of accomplishments under her leadership.  She oversaw creation of a variety of educational pathways: 4 new certificates, 3 concentrations, a non-degree option. She co-founded the undergraduate concentration Healthcare Data Science (HDS) for a new multidisciplinary data science degree at UIC housed in the computer science department in the College of Engineering. She led a 2-year project for MSHI, to meet new accreditation standards for transitioning to a competency-driven curriculum and a reaccreditation of the MSHI-awarded reaccreditation for MSHI program until 2030.  She created and led the Curriculum Steering Committee to provide oversight and innovation in the MSHI curriculum and implemented the new partnership with Extended Campus to do marketing, recruitment and student advising.

Dr. Isola will be stepping down from her Program Director role effective June 1, however, will still be a full-time member of the BHIS faculty with her teaching responsibilities.  She will continue to be involved in projects focused on CIP code change to STEM designated program, development of BHIS 538 Healthcare IT Administration and Digital Strategy and working with the faculty workgroup to explore adding Generative AI skills to the MSHI core curriculum. She will also continue to Chair the BHIS Academic Affairs committee and serve as the BHIS representative to the AHS Academic Affairs committee.

Laura Mills, associate program director, will be the point of contact for the program until a program director is named. Dr. Isola has agreed to stay on in an advisory capacity to answer questions and help ensure a smooth transition.

Please join me in congratulating and thanking Dr. Isola for years of service and all her efforts.