ASAP Tutoring schedule and staff

Tutoring is available each fall and spring semester. Request to visit us in person in PEB or tutor virtual  via Blackboard Collaborate. Help out your tutors by including your name and NetID upon entry to a session and share your screen.

Make a tutor appointment* directly with an ASAP Tutor in iAdvise see our instructions below.

*Please note that your session may be comprised of a few other students taking the same course. If you require any accommodations to support your learning, email us at

ASAP Tutors are students who have taken your course at UIC

ASAP Tutor Goals

  1. Help with course strategy
  2. Confirm knowledge
  3. Clarify information
  4. Synthesize the information

Upholding Academic Integrity
ASAP tutors have agreements with many course instructors to safeguard the integrity of your coursework and learning. These agreements require them to adhere to additional guidelines in terms of support for exams and other graded assignments. For example, A&P tutors may not assist students with content on exam days and the days following an exam; tutors will begin assisting students with new content on the day of each exam. Please refer to your course syllabus to learn more about these guidelines. Please also note that tutor sessions are recorded for training development and safeguarding students and our services.


Share Your Video!
Help our tutors help you by sharing your webcam with us while we are on our virtual platforms. Your nonverbal expressions help us gauge your comprehension of material. Increase dialogue exchanges by sharing your webcam during blackboard collaborate or zoom tutoring sessions. For your comfort, we encourage you to use any one of our university created backgrounds.

Tutoring Recorded
Please keep in mind that for tutor training development and for the safeguarding of our services and the students we serve, we record our virtual tutoring sessions. It assists our lead tutor team with documentation and ongoing tutor support. Students may request the recording of a one-on-one session they attended with their Tutor.

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How to schedule a tutoring session with iAdvise

  1. Review course offerings and general availability in the schedule below.
    • Tip: Use Ctrl +F to search for all the tutors in your subject.
    • Note: Final schedules may vary in iAdvise by week.
  2. Identify a tutor/peer coach whose day, time and subject is a right match.
  3. Click on “Schedule Your Tutor in iAdvise“.
  4. Select that tutor/peer coach and schedule the session!
    • Note: you will receive an email confirmation with your time and details.

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SubjectTutorMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday SaturdaySunday
CHEM 101, CHEM 122, PHYS 131/2, BIOS 110, MATH 180Sparsh Patel5-7pm10-11am, 4-7pm5-7pm10-11am, 4-7pm11-1:30pm, 5-7pm10-6pm10-6pm
DHD 101, DHD 102, AHS 330Yazmin Esparza12-4pm10:30am - 1:30pm
MATH 090, MATH 110, DHD 101, DHD 102, STATS 101Janell Nocentelli1:30-4:30pm1:30-4:30pm1:30-4:30pm
CHEM 232, KN 152, KN 361, KN 352, KN 261Ishaan Patel11am-4pm11am-12pm, 2-3pm8am-5pm11am-12pm, 2-3pm10am-12pm
KN 261, CHEM 101, MATH 110Iveth Calderon9:30-10:30am, 3:30-4:30pm12:30-2:30pm9:30-10:30am, 3:30-4:30pm
BIOS 110, CHEM 101, CHEM 122, CHEM 232, KN 200Lena Salem5-6pm9:30-10:30am5-6pm9:30-10:30am
KN 372, KN 252, CHEM 101Hannah Miller9:30-10:30am9:30-10:30am, 4-5pm, 7-9pm2-5pm
BIOS 110Lauren Frame12-2pm10am-2pm10-11am8-11am
KN 252, BIOS 110Kathryn Smith9am-8pm9am-8pm
CHEM 122, CHEM 123, BIOS 110Sajith Jacob3-5pm1-3pm
CHEM 101Tilak Patel4-5pm1:30-2:30pm1:30-3:30pm
CHEM 101, CHEM 122Morgan Isacson5-7pm11am-3pm12:30-3:30pm
KN 352, KN 361, KN 472, KN 251, KN 252Jorge Mercado12-3pm9am-12pm9am-11am9am-12pm
ENGL 160/1, BIOS 110, KN 152Natalie Kowalczuk8-9am4-6pm

Meet our tutors

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Viviana headshot

Meet our director
Viviana Kabbabe-Thompson
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Monday–Thursday: 8:30 am – 5 pm
Friday: 8:30 am – 3 pm
(Closed during winter break and summer)

Academic Support and Achievement Program