Small business consulting opportunity for kinesiology and nutrition students

New Opportunity for Students in Kinesiology and Nutrition
Some students want to qualify, get certified, and race to an applied health professional business to provide value, raise revenue, and have the life they want for themselves. Some students decide that licensed applied health professions are not for them. Some students want to be their boss and want unlimited income potential. More school is not for everyone, and some students want to turn their bachelor of science degree into a business opportunity.

Small Business Consulting
– Do you have a business idea and wonder how to take it to market?
– Do you have unique qualities, experience, and skills you want to turn into a business?
– Have you considered being an entrepreneur but don’t know how to start?

Book a small business consulting session if you answered yes to one of these questions:

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Dates in 2024: 1/12, 1/19, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9

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Your Small Business Consultant: Dr. John Coumbe-Lilley Ph.D
I have worked in the business and entrepreneurial space for 15 years at UIC and 26 years in my small business. I grew up in a self-employed entrepreneurial home, and I have helped students launch their businesses and supported established small businesses to grow and expand their services and revenue streams.

My first degree is in business, sport, and recreation management, and I have used this degree to help build my businesses and help others develop their businesses. I share my experiences in business and external consulting through my teaching and now small business consulting to students in Kinesiology and Nutrition.

The Kinesiology and Nutrition Department alumni owners of these businesses completed my entrepreneurship course and built successful small businesses. Why not you?

John E. Coumbe-Lilley Ph.D., LPC, ALMFT, CMPC, CSCS.
Clinical Professor
Co-Director, ASPIRE Lab
Director, Performance, Sport and Exercise Psychology concentration