AHS-affiliated websites

We can help you build a digital home for your lab, project or event

The AHS communications team is ready to help you create a dedicated website for your AHS-based lab, project or event on Red, a UIC WordPress template. AHS-affiliated websites are built by the AHS webmaster and highlighted throughout ahs.uic.edu and other AHS digital channels. Content updates are the responsibility of the AHS faculty or staff who initiates approved requests.

Can AHS support your website?

Here we list the websites that are allowed to be hosted on Red (In scope) and those that are not allowed on Red (Out of scope). The AHS communications team does not support websites that cannot be hosted on Red though we are happy to consult with out of scope website creation and governance.

In scope

  • AHS course sites for public viewing (those that contain any secured content should be created on Blackboard)
  • Formal research labs, institutes and centers housed in AHS
  • AHS conferences and events that are open to the public

Out of scope

  • Secure course websites
  • Intranet websites
  • Websites with content that is protected by FERPA or HIPAA
  • Websites for non-AHS events, labs, projects, initiatives, etc.
  • Student org websites (These are managed by the UIC Center for Student Involvement)
  • Personal websites e.g. portfolios, publications listings, archives, etc. (Create your personal website on Digital UIC)
  • Anything not explicitly listed in the “In scope” section

Five questions to consider before requesting a website

  1. What is my site’s purpose?
  2. Who is my target audience?
  3. Define your site’s objectives:
    • What actions will this audience want to perform when they visit your website?
    • What actions do you want this audience to perform when they visit your website?
  4. Who will update this website? How often will it need to be updated?
  5. What compelling visuals can I add to your website? People only read about 20-27% of the text on a web page.
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Not sure if your research/project/event meets the criteria for an AHS-supported website? Contact Heidi Schlehlein, AHS webmaster, with any questions.

You can contact Heidi at: