Tuition and Aid

An affordable world-class education

The University of Illinois at Chicago is recognized nationally for its great value. UIC provides access to an exceptional education at the best possible cost.

Financial aid

We believe money shouldn’t be an obstacle to reaching your goals. Funding your education can be complex, but we’re committed to making college affordable by helping you through the financial aid process.

There are four basic types of financial aid:

  • Scholarships
  • Student employment
  • Assistantships and fellowships
  • Loans

Getting started

Most students submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive funding. Funds are limited in many programs, so it’s important to submit your FAFSA before UIC’s priority deadline of February 15.


The best kind of financial aid—the kind you don’t have to pay back!

College scholarships and awards

AHS offers these scholarship and awards to enrolled students:

  • AHS Scholarship Award: Recognizing outstanding student leaders who maintain high academic achievement and demonstrate a commitment to volunteerism within the UIC community and greater Chicagoland area
  • Scalzitti Scholarship: For undergraduate and graduate students with financial need and who demonstrate academic merit
  • Van Doren Scholarship: Awarded in fall and spring semesters to students in good standing and with financial need
  • Vivette Ravel Rifkin Memorial Scholarship: For students who are blind or visually impaired that may be receiving accommodations and/or services for blindness or other vision impairment from the UIC Disability Resource Center

Department scholarships and awards

Individual programs in AHS have their own awards and scholarships to recognize and support their students.

University-wide scholarships and awards

UIC offers many financial resources for incoming, transfer and continuing students.

Once you complete the UIC application, you’ll automatically be considered for most university and college scholarships and awards. Your application is reviewed to determine if any awards are a good fit.

Student employment

On-campus jobs don’t offer tuition wavers, but they do provide a convenient location and work schedule. The UIC Student Employment Office can help connect you with departments that are hiring.

Learn more about the employment resources available for students and view the current job listings.


Most of our graduate programs employ graduate students as teaching (TAs), research (RAs) or graduate assistants (GAs). TAs help with classroom instruction, lab supervision, discussion sessions and grading. RAs work with faculty members in research activities. GAs generally perform clerical work in an academic department or administrative office.

An assistantship provides a stipend, tuition waiver, certain fee waivers and the option to buy low-cost health insurance. Most students find assistantships through their programs, so contact your Director of Graduate Studies for help.


The university and Graduate College both offer internal fellowships. These are awards aimed at recruiting outstanding students newly admitted to graduate programs at UIC.

Consider foundations and organizations outside UIC, for specialized and competitive fellowship opportunities like the Fulbright and DAAD grants.

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