Smiling white woman with long, dark hair wearing a red print blouse and black sweater

Kathleen Ellis

Occupational Therapist, Assistive Technology Specialist, Assistive Technology Unit


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Kathleen Ellis is an occupational therapist specializing in technology access at the ATU. Prior to working at the ATU, Kathleen worked for over 20 years as an enterprise systems administrator. A member of the computer access team, Kathleen uses a client-centered approach to evaluate the ways assistive technology using computers, phones, tablets, and software can help each person achieve their unique vocational goals.

Service to the Community

Kathleen Ellis provides Assistive Technology evaluations and equipment implementations to support vocational rehabilitation programs, particularly as they are related to adaptive computer or phone use. Additionally, Kathleen supports community transition services established by the Colbert and Williams consent decrees.


MS in Occupational Therapy
University of Illinois Chicago

BA in Psychology
Towson University