Jingbo Pang

Visiting Research Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Nutrition

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Dr Pang started her research career studying cytokines involved in diabetes and obesity-associated metabolic complications. After gaining her PhD degree, she joined Dr Timothy Koh’s lab and started working on skin wound healing research particularly interested in macrophages and monocytes. Her current work mainly focuses on the heterogeneity of immune cells during wound healing in human and mouse models.

Selected Publications

“Pang, J., M. Maienschein-Cline, and T.J. Koh, Reduced apoptosis of monocytes and macrophages is associated with their persistence in wounds of diabetic mice. Cytokine, 2021. 142: p. 155516.”,

“Pang, J., M. Maienschein-Cline, and T.J. Koh, Enhanced Proliferation of Ly6C(+) Monocytes/Macrophages Contributes to Chronic Inflammation in Skin Wounds of Diabetic Mice. J Immunol, 2021. 206(3): p. 621-630.”,

“Pang, J., N. Urao, and T.J. Koh, Proliferation of Ly6C+ monocytes/macrophages contributes to their accumulation in mouse skin wounds. J Leukoc Biol, 2020. 107(4): p. 551-560.”,

“Pang, J., D.H. Rhodes, M. Pini, R.T. Akasheh, K.J. Castellanos, R.J. Cabay, D. Cooper, M. Perretti, and G. Fantuzzi, Increased adiposity, dysregulated glucose metabolism and systemic inflammation in Galectin-3 KO mice. PLoS One, 2013. 8(2): p. e57915.”,