AHS enrollment grows for incoming freshmen

AHS students, alumni, faculty and staff pose for a group photo during the 2022 AHS fall kick-off event for new undergraduate students

The number of first-year undergraduates enrolled in the College of Applied Health Sciences for fall 2022 showed a 21.7% increase over last year, according to enrollment data from the first 10 days of class.

Total UIC incoming freshmen enrollment increased by 1.6% to 4,244.

After the uncertain years of the COVID-19 pandemic, “it’s a good sign that students are eager and interested,” said Eileen Doran, AHS associate dean for student affairs.

There are 202 first-year undergrads, compared to 166 in 2021. The total number of new students increased to 585, compared to 579 in 2021.

The number of applications for undergraduate first-year students also increased: 919 for fall 2022, compared to 734 applications in fall 2021.

“We had an increase in the number of applications and as a result, we admitted a larger class,” Doran said.

Enrollment figures also showed a 26% increase in new professional students (112 in 2022, up from last year’s 66). However, this primarily reflects a change in student classification from graduate to professional, as the Department of Occupational Therapy transitioned from a master’s to an entry-level OTD program, Doran said.

Total AHS enrollment was down slightly, to 2,051 as compared to 2,121 in 2021.

Doran said she’s seen a lot of positive energy with the new school year.

“We’ve had great turnout at our new student events,” Doran said. ”Our student organizations are returning with a lot of enthusiasm to get students involved. It’s really exciting.”