Kruti Acharya

Kruti Acharya

Board Certified Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, DHD Family Clinic

Associate Professor, Disability and Human Development


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1640 W. Roosevelt Rd., 209A DHSP

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Dr. Acharya is a board certified developmental and behavioral pediatrician and internist in the Department of Disability and Human Development. She is the director of the Illinois Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and other related Disabilities (LEND) Program, an interdisciplinary graduate-level training program to develop leaders to care and advocate for individuals with disability, funded through the Maternal Child Health Bureau. Dr. Acharya cares for individuals with developmental disabilities using a lifespan perspective from childhood to adulthood. She is particularly interested in supporting adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities as they transition to adult-systems of care and beyond.