Transfer training

Left to right: (back row) Hector Aguirre PT, Christian Torres PT, Gaurav Dambal PT; (second row) Edwina Wilson PT, Samiksha Tawade PT, Sonia Pradhan PT, Hannah Gin OT, Victoria Turnbull OT, Anthony Mercado OT, Aubrey Day OT, Lindsay MacCary OT, Falguni Kulkarni PT, Swaranka Deshmukh PT, Sareena Denis OT, assistant professor Jenica Lee OT; (front row) Shamali Dusane PT, Julia Majkut OT.
Photo: JenicaLee

Student volunteers in occupational therapy and physical therapy conducted training workshops for more than 300 home healthcare aides at the Chinese American Service League Sept. 23-25.

The two-hour workshops on functional transfer were led by Jenica Lee, assistant professor of occupational therapy, and Shamali Dusane, doctoral candidate in physical therapy.

This was the third time since 2016 that the workshops have been presented.

“I wanted to find a meaningful way of giving back to the community,” said Lee, who was born and grew up around Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood.

The training, which Lee developed with Tanvi Bhatt, associate professor of physical therapy, is an interdisciplinary opportunity for OT and PT students to practice their skills in a natural setting, Lee said.


Left to right: (back row) Wei Wang PT, Hannah Gin OT, Shamali Dusane PT, Jenica Lee OT, clinical associate professor Ashley Stoffel OT, Alyssa Irgang OT; (front row) Johnny Sok OT, Claire Mercer OT, Jen Yi OT.
Photo: Jenica Lee

Participating students in occupational therapy were Cassie Breshock, Aubrey Day, Sareena Denis, Megan Flaherty, Hannah Gin, Alyssa Irgang, Matt Linas, Lindsay MacCary, Julia Majkut, Edgar Anthony Mercado, Claire Mercer, Christina Scott, Johnny Sok, Victoria Turnbull and Jen Yi.

Participating students in physical therapy were Hector Aguirre, Tessa Chiu, Gaurav Dambal, Swaranka Deshmukh, Monica Deutsch, Falguni Kulkarni, Sonia Pradhan, Samiksha Tawade, Christina Torres and Edwina Wilson.