Student Grievance policy

Students are always encouraged to resolve any academic concerns directly with their instructor or the individual who made the decision about which they are grieving.  In cases where a decision cannot be addressed through informal processes, a student may choose to pursue a formal grievance through the student grievance process. The UIC Student Academic Grievance Policy is described in detail below, and the Student Academic Grievance Procedures outline the steps of the grievance process.   Many programs in the college have specific processes related to addressing appeals or grievances related to academic standing. Students should consult their student handbook for additional details. 

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The UIC Student Academic Grievance Policy describes the policy by which students can appeal an adverse academic decision.  The Student Academic Grievance Policy can be found at the following link

The Student Academic Grievance Procedures describe the general guidelines, timelines, and steps of an academic grievance.  The Student Academic Grievance procedures can be found at the following link.

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Should you have additional questions about these processes, please contact the program director or the AHS Office of Student Affairs.

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