Faculty Information

Congratulations Spring 2020 Graduates!!!

This spring’s commencement will be held on:

Thursday, May 7, 2020
7 p.m.

Credit union 1 arena
525 S. Racine Ave.
Chicago, IL 60607

The ceremony will last approximately two hours.


You can order your regalia using the online request form  Faculty must submit their regalia orders no later than March 17 in order to ensure that appropriate attire is received in time for commencement. You’ll receive a confirmation notification after submitting your order. If you don’t receive a confirmation notice upon submitting the form, your order has not been processed. Please resubmit the order until you receive a confirmation notice.

Regalia for commencement cannot be guaranteed for faculty who don’t submit their robe orders by this deadline. Regalia orders will be available early during the week of commencement. Regalia should be returned following the ceremony in the bins located outside of the dressing rooms in the Credit Union 1 Arena.


You’ll be designated into one of four groups, each with different responsibilities.

Platform party members

Platform party members include university administrators, college dean, department heads, guest speakers, alumni awardees, and other college administrators as designated. Platform party members should plan to attend the Commencement rehearsal in the days prior to the ceremony. The commencement coordinator will contact all applicable platform party members with details regarding the rehearsal. Platform party members should arrive by 6:15 pm and proceed to the platform party line-up area. (NOTE:  A rehearsal is scheduled for platform party members, marshals, and hooders on May TBD in the Credit Union 1 Arena.)

Faculty marshals

Departments should notify the commencement coordinator which faculty members will be serving as faculty marshals for each academic program. Faculty marshals should plan to attend the AHS Commencement rehearsal in the days prior to the commencement ceremony. Graduates will receive a reader’s card at check-in that the marshal will use to announce degree candidates.  Faculty marshals will have assigned seating on the floor and can join their graduates on the floor before the processional begins. For details about the rehearsal, faculty marshals should contact the commencement coordinator. Faculty marshals should arrive by 6:15 pm in order to greet their graduates.  (NOTE:  A rehearsal is scheduled for platform party members, marshals, and hooders on May TBD in the Credit Union 1 Arena.)

Doctoral Advisors

PhD advisors should arrive no later than 6:30 pm to join their students in the student seating area. PhD advisors will be seated with their advisees during the ceremony. The PhD advisors will walk up on stage with their candidates and hood them as appropriate. PhD advisors will exit the stage with their advisees. PhD advisors are welcome to attend the rehearsal in the days prior to the commencement ceremony.   The OTD advisors will follow the same seating arrangement as the PhD advisors and be seated next to their advisees in the graduate seating area.  Five DPT advisors will be assigned to hood the graduating DPT students.  The DPT hooders will be seated at the front of the graduate seating area with the graduates from their department.  All advisors/hooders participating in the ceremony will have an assigned seat.  Please follow up with the commencement coordinator for details regarding the rehearsal and seat assignments. (NOTE:  A rehearsal is scheduled for platform party members, marshals, and hooders on May TBD in the Credit Union 1 Arena.)

AHS faculty

All faculty not identified in the categories above (excluding banner carriers), should arrive by 6:30 pm. Faculty should follow the signs to the faculty robing area. Faculty can line up in any order.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, faculty are encouraged to join their graduates outside the Arena for photos and attend the Welcome to Alumniville event on Thursday, April 30 to congratulate graduates.  There will not be a reception following the commencement ceremony.


Parking will be available at no charge in Lot 1B located at 1139 West Harrison Street or in the Harrison Street Parking Structure (HSPS) located at 1100 West Harrison Street just east of the Arena. Refer to the UIC Commencement website for additional details. Faculty with campus parking can park in other university lots with their hang tag and university I-card or the lots mentioned above.