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UIC Connected

UIC Connected is a virtual networking platform that lets you interact with alumni from across disciplines and across the country creating a community of those who share a UIC experience. Use it to discretely review alumni profiles, identify interesting alumni and send messages to alumni to talk about their job, company, industry or geographic location. Informational interviews are often conducted on this site using the internal messaging system where you can upload questions and keep notes. It is also an efficient way for career changers to gather info about next career steps.

Use this free tool by signing up, creating your profile, and exploring. Don’t wait to build your relationships, start now!

AHS Connections

Be a stand out professional or pre-health professional candidate by gaining practical and marketable skills. Subscribe to AHS Connections, a weekly newsletter that highlights relevant opportunities to develop those skills including internships, volunteer opportunities and student engagement offerings.

If you are you an agency or employer, and would like to post relevant opportunities to this weekly digest click here

AHS on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a social media platform for professionals, serves as your digital resume and business card. As an AHS student, there are already a number of LinkedIn groups you can join including the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences Alumni and Students group. LinkedIn is the ideal platform on which to post career-related questions, learn about trends in a field, build your professional your network and find a job.

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