Mar 31

SAMA Art Show: Inside the World of Medical Art

Friday, March 31, 2017

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Advances in computer graphics and imaging are generating new opportunities to aid in understanding the rapidly evolving discoveries in both science and healthcare. Masters students in the University of Illinois at Chicago Biomedical Visualization Graduate Program (BVIS) strive to harness these advancements through visual communication.

The Student Association of Medical Artists (SAMA) organizes and curates the work for the SAMA Art Exhibition each year. This exhibition is an opportunity for first and second year BVIS students to display their current works of art that are both beautiful and accurate in scientific detail.

These pieces feature a wide array of scientific and medical subjects targeting audiences diverse in education, age, and occupation. Oftentimes, these works begin on paper and are then taken into digital media to become professional illustrations, graphic designs, animations, or interactive applications. The broad range of work that BVIS graduate students create is an integral part in communicating new discoveries in science and medicine.

Light refreshments and drinks will be provided. Register here.


John Daugherty