Early Intervention and Grupo Salto provide support and guidance

When Juan was a year old, his parents noticed that he was not talking, did not sleep well, and was often irritable.

He was their first child, and initially they thought that he would catch up. When they asked their pediatrician about this, she referred the family to Early Intervention.

At 15 months of age, Juan was evaluated and the EI team found that he qualified for services due to speech and motor delays. Family Clinic therapist Pamela Bondy provided speech therapy while other therapists provided developmental and occupational therapies.

Additionally, Juan obtained a medical diagnostic and at 2 years of age he was diagnosed with Autism. Pamela referred the family to Grupo Salto, where they have received support and guidance over the years.

Juan’s father stated that early intervention therapies helped the family learn how to help Juan with communication, behavior and frustration. They learned infant massage to help him calm himself, learned to be firm and direct, and how to set limits. They learned how to help Juan with communication by using pictures and visual schedules, giving choices, and modeling words and phrases.

Juan is now 11 years old, is verbal, and is enrolled in a regular education classroom with accommodations to help him with his social skills. His father is grateful for the education and support that Juan and his family acquired in his early years from Early Intervention and Grupo Salto.

He said that this assistance enabled Juan to be where he is today.