Group Therapy

​Learn about and practice social and life skills in a safe and comfortable setting​

From healthy relationships to problem solving to coping with life stressors, our groups meet for a range of topics to help you focus on the skills you need.

Groups for children and teens

Build social and language skills through fun activities with peers

​Early language learners group

3-5 years, accompanied by a parent or caregiver
This play group focuses on facilitating play, speech-language communication, social-emotional functioning and peer interactions through a variety of naturalistic experiences. We model our strategies and techniques so parents can learn and incorporate them into daily and home routines. They can also be easily generalized for use in school and other community settings.

Social skills group

Groups currently being formed for 8-11 years, 12-14 years, and high school
Playing with friends can be a challenge when issues like sportsmanship, following rules and taking turns don’t come naturally. These groups use games as a way to develop and strengthen these important social skills.  Group members will practice friendship skills like chatting, asking questions, two-way conversations, and how to be a good sport whether they win or lose a game.

Groups for teens and adults

Gain an understanding and build your skills in a supportive environment

The Coalition for Autistic and ND Students (CANS)

CANS is Chicagoland’s only student peer group geared specifically toward college students on the Autism spectrum. Please contact Matiana Ovalle for more information.

Your team

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    Susan Kahan

    Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor